Healthy Olive trees. 

We sell only the best. We take our business serious.

We’re well aware of the fact that there are numerous suppliers on the market. This does not deters us, it motivates us to the work harder and be a little bit smarter. We are very passionate about our trees and this passion has helped our company evolve over the last couple of years into a well-organised, professional organisation.


Our business model is founded on
the following three pillars:

First class quality

Excellent transportation

Two locations/reliability



Why a Finca Hermosa olive tree?

Because we deliver high quality olive trees and Mediterranean plants
We are a market leader in large-scape production and cultivation of olive trees
If that’s not reason enough then our commercial expertise in international markets is second to none
We are fluent in 6 languages
Last but not least, we are MPS and PPQS certified


Interested in the best quality Mediterranean plants and trees?

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