No concessions given on quality

We supply quality olive trees

As a global supplier, quality is our philosophy, it’s in our DNA. Right from the off, only the very best trees are selected based on shape, their authenticity and health. The selected trees receive only the very best care at the nursery. They are provided with new, fertilized soil and are placed in a pot or tub. After our skilled gardeners have pruned the tree, it develops a perfect crown as it gets to rest in a sunny spot at the nursery. During that time, we frequently check on its progress, prune it and it is fertilised automatically. Only when we feel it is in peak condition is the tree priced and prepared for sale.


Our intensive healthy programme

From young cuttings up to giants of more than 1000 years old. Our years of experience and extensive specialisation in this field enables us to select the strong varieties and get the trees in peak condition. At our nursery of 550,000 m2, we take exceptional good care of our olive trees. We provide them with a balanced nutrition: our own, clear water system combined with automatic fertilisation. Part of our exceptional care is the constant control of weeds, insects and pests. At Finca Hermosa, diseases and weeds don’t stand a chance.

PPQS & MPS certified

Quality and durability are important concerns. Therefore, we’re both PPQS (Plant Production Quality System) as well as MPS certified. These certifications are just another example of the professionalism that is engrained in Finca Hermosa and emphasizes to our customers how highly quality is taken here at the nursery.

Transportation of olive trees

The transportation of our precious trees is a specialist task which we have mastered over the years. Our expertise in this field and the precautions we take, ensure your trees arrive healthy and in good condition.