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Palm trees

Trachycarpus Wagnerianus

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Trachycarpus Wagnerianus is a dioecious evergreen palm forming a small tree with a stout, fibre-covered trunk bearing a terminal tuft of deeply divided, fan-shaped dark green leaves and small, light yellow flowers. The Trachycarpus Wagnerianus is a variety of Trachycarpus Fortunei, from which it can be distinguished by smaller and more erect leaves, as well as for a slower growing rhythm. The Trachycarpus grows in any well-drained, fertile soil in full sun or lightly dappled shade. This palm tree variety is one of the hardiest, as it grows at much higher altitudes, up to 2,400 m in the mountains of southern China. The greatest reported cold tolerance is −27.5 °C,  more commonly lower tolerance limits of −15 °C to −20 °C (5 °F to −4 °F) are cited for mature plants. However, young plants are less hardy.

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