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ficus carica bush

Ficus Carica

Ficus Carica - Higuera

This fig tree 'Ficus Carica - Higuera' is a compact tree with figs hanging from it. The fruits of the tree can have different colours, from green to purple and black. Where will you plant this special tree?

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Circumference Height Pot
Unmeasured 160-180 cm M-25 lt.
15-20 cm 160-180 cm M-30 lt.
20-25 cm 160-180 cm M-35/45 lt.
25-30 cm Short & tall M-35/45 lt.
30-40 cm Short & tall M-50 lt.
40-50 cm Short & tall M-70 lt.
50-60 cm 180-200 cm M-500 lt.
60+ cm 180-200 cm M-500 lt.

Product description

Ficus Carica or fig tree is a small deciduous tree, 3-10 m tall. The fruit (although actually a fake fruit or infructescence) of Ficus Carica is the fig, which has a diameter of 4.5-5.5 cm and can vary from green to purple and black. Ficus Carica's leaves are 12-25 cm long and 10-18 cm in diameter, deeply lobed with up to 3 or 5 lobes.

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