How much does it cost to import a very old olive tree? Let's find out!

You can buy a young olive tree from a local grower for a few dollars. Of course, a big, old and perfect olive tree costs more.

Old olive trees are more scarce and therefore more expensive than young ones. Large trees are fragile and therefore difficult to transport, which also has to be taken into account. Like some breeding bulls, some olive trees have a perfect DNA, which makes them very popular (and therefore pricey).

How much does an olive tree cost?
A 50-year-old tree often costs around EUR 500. A 100-year-old olive tree costs more than 1,000 euros. At Finca Hermosa we sell olive trees from 500 to 1,000+ years old! Cost: around 10,000 euros.

Where can I find an olive tree?
You have come to the right site. Finca Hermosa is a 550,000 m2 tree nursery in Spain. We have several important certificates. Finca Hermosa for example is both PPQS (Plant Production Quality System) and MPS certified. We do not only ship but also olive trees. Want to know more? Finca Hermosa gives you tips on how to find an old, healthy olive tree.

Ask for a quotation
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