A European olive tree is the Olea europaea. Olea europaea is an evergreen olive tree that grows slowly. The leaves are narrow and long and have a grey-green colour. This olive tree has a robust bark, which many people love. It is quite unique.

This tree is native to the Mediterranean region, so it loves sunlight. Plant an olive tree in nutritious soil and in a sunny place.

Olive trees are not fragile. In the ground they can withstand -10 degrees Celsius. Colder? Then you should (at least) wrap the bark. Most garden shops offer covers for small trees. In a pot, the root of the olive tree is more sensitive to frost. Insulate the outside of the pot with bubble wrap.

The flowering period of the Olea europaea takes place in summer. At that time, the olive tree gets white flowers, which appear in bunches. Later, these become real olives. In the beginning the olives are green, but later they will be purple.

Of course you can eat your own olives. Pick them and eat them raw. Or use the olives to make tapenade. Enjoy your meal!

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