Two locations for year-round delivery

Two olive tree nurseries offering maximum flexibility and availability

In order to guarantee year-round deliveries of olive trees, Finca Hermosa made the strategic decision to operate from two locations. This means that we are better able to fulfil the agreements made with our customers and offer better planning for deliveries. This is just one of the many efforts we are making to offer our customers even more added value.


Olive tree nursery Elche

Our first location is in one of the most unspoilt areas of Europe, not far from the Mediterranean. The nursery is fifteen minutes away from an international airport. The air quality is exceptionally clean and as Elche nestles in a valley, the climate is ideal for our trees. Olive trees not only need the ideal climate, they also need a good supply of water. With this in mind, Finca Hermosa has built its own water system to ensure that our trees get enough water on an annual basis.


Bonete olive tree nursery

Bonete is located more inland, about 100 kilometres from the sea. Our second location is in a rural region with excellent infrastructure. This location, ideally situated among the hills, also offers the best climate for our trees. As with our first location, our specialists provide the best nutrition and care for the olive trees.