Do you want to buy an olive tree in Spain? We understand, because Mediterranean olive trees are the best.

Finca Hermosa is a professional olive tree nursery in Elche (Alicante, Spain). We supply high quality olive trees and Mediterranean plants. That is why we are a market leader in the production and cultivation of olive trees. But that's not all. We are also MPS and PPQS certified.

Olive trees
Olive trees

At our 550,000 m2 nursery, we take good care of our young cuttings and more than 1,000 year-old giants. We check our trees regularly, prune and fertilise them. When a tree is in perfect condition, we price it and prepare it for sale.

The next step is transport. We think this is the most important step, because it is a delicate process in the life of an olive tree. Trees do not travel, so we have developed a unique method to transport our trees to our customers in the best possible conditions.

Are you interested in a beautiful olive tree from Spain? please contact us.

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