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olea europaea bonsai bowl


Olea Europaea Bonsai Bowl

This Bonsai olive tree with a thick trunk is a real eye-catcher in your garden. Thanks to its thick trunk, it is very winter hardy and resistant to frost.

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Circumference Height Pot
60-80 cm 120-140 cm T-90 lt.
80-100 cm 120-140 cm T-75/90 lt.
100-120 cm 120-140 cm T-75/90 lt.
120-140 cm 120-140 cm T-90 lt.

Product description

The Olea Europaea Bonsai in pot has a very thick trunk and is therefore well suited to the Dutch winter weather. The trunk has several branches with green/grey leaves. It is an iconic tree for your garden that increases its decorative value. Preferably place it in a sunny spot and give it enough water.

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