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olea old skin cieza

Olea Europaea

Olea Europaea Old Skin Cieza

This old olive tree is multi-stemmed and a real addition to the look of your garden or home. It comes from our own nursery in Spain and is available all over the world. Would you like to know more about Olea Europaea Old Skin Cieza? Request a free quote or contact us without any obligations.

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Circumference Height Pot
30-40 cm 160-180 cm M-70/90 lt.
40-50 cm 160-180 cm M-90/110 lt.
50-60 cm 160-180 cm M-110/130 lt.
60-70 cm 160-180 cm M-130/160 lt.
70-80 cm 160-180 cm M-130/230 lt.
80-100 cm 160-180 cm M-130/230 lt.
100-120 cm 160-180 cm M-230/285 lt.
120-150 cm 160-180 cm M-230/285 lt.

Product description

This multi-stemmed old olive tree is a real addition to your garden. It is available in several sizes. So you can choose whether you want a smaller or a larger olive tree. The tree is from Spain and of high quality.

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