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punica granatum

Punica Granatum

Punica Granatum

This pomegranate tree comes from our own nursery in Spain and is available in many sizes. The tree can grow up to 5 to 8 metres tall and produces edible fruits, namely the pomegranate. Would you like to know more about this Punica Granatum? Then request a no-obligation quote.

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Circumference Height Pot
S/C - T-5 lt.
S/C 160-180 cm M-25 lt.
40-50 cm - M-130/160 lt.
50-60 cm - M-130/160 lt.
60-70 cm - M-130/160 lt.

Product description

Punica Granatum is a small deciduous fruit-bearing tree that grows to 5-8 m in height. The leaves are shiny, narrow oblong, whole and 3-7 cm long. The flowers are bright red and the fruit is the pomegranate, a medium-sized berry with a thick reddish skin. We have Punica Granatum plants available in many sizes and they are very decorative for both outdoors and indoors.

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