If you are stuck on how to use olive trees to decorate your home, you are in luck as we have some beautiful ideas to inspire you today!



One of the simplest ideas is to use smaller olive plants to decorate either the entryway of any house or building (it would look beautiful for a restaurant too!), your patio, or your windowsills. It’s a great way to add the warmth of the Mediterranean to your home! We recommend our Olea Europaea Plato for this, as it’s the perfect size to decorate any space!




Bigger olive trees are perfect for showing off a beautiful entryway or path to any home or building, and it can showcase luxury at its best. We have many different trees that might suit you and your needs, although we recommend Olea Europaea Hojiblanca and Olea Europaea Old Skin Cieza, which are both beautiful options for this.




Same as in the first idea, we also think a young olive tree can look beautiful as a decoration of an entryway, verandah or any patio. Our assortment has many options however we recommend the Olea Europaea Copa.




Last but not least, who doesn’t like a garden party? Using bigger olive trees in any garden makes it easy to have your own orchard where you can celebrate with friends and family, or just simply enjoy all year round! Our top recommendations would be the Olea Europaea Exemplar, the Olea Europaea Old Skin Cieza and the Olea Pirineos.


How do you like to decorate your home with olive trees? 

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