There are many places where you can buy an olive tree.

The first place to find an olive tree is in a local or regional garden centre. Each country has different garden centres. For example, in the UK they are large chains such as Wyevale Garden Centres, Dobbies and Blue Diamond. In the Netherlands, major garden centres are Intratuin and Groenrijk. Gamm vert is the French garden leader with more than 1,000 outlets. In the United States, most garden centres are independently owned. Garden centres offer all kinds of trees, including young olive trees.

If you want an old, ancient or unique olive tree, it is better to go to a olive tree nursery in the southern parts of Europe. Finca Hermosa is a 550,000 m2 nursery in Spain. We take exceptional care of our olive trees. We have a clear water system with automatic fertilisation, so that our olive trees are healthy and weeds have no chance. The hardest part is transporting an olive tree, especially a 5000 year old olive tree. We think it is our responsibility to make sure that olive trees survive long after they have travelled to our customers. Ancient olive trees are natural wonders and if an olive tree dies, it is a great loss to our planet.

Prices range from a few dozen dollars or euros for a young olive tree in a local shop to thousands of dollars or euros for an old olive tree (including transport) from an olive tree nursery. Would you like to get a quote? Contact Us!