Olive trees as a way of decorating the garden is not a novelty in the Mediterranean area, as it has been done for millennia. However, who doesn’t want to bring a bit of the warm Mediterranean inside the home?

Some of these options will really be useful for you if you don’t have a garden or if you’ve been wanting to add some plants to your interior decoration.


Decorating empty spaces like the surroundings of the stairs can be a great way of adding something to those areas that are difficult to fill with other objects. A beautiful olive tree like our Olea Europaea Copa will work absolutely great in any space!


Another decoration idea is to use a slightly bigger olive tree that has a thin frame to decorate bigger spaces like certain corners of the home like the ones shown above. A decorative pot is needed in order to showcase these beautiful plants. We recommend our Olea Europaea Basico, as it’s taller than the Copa but doesn’t have a wide girth.


Last but not least, smaller olive trees like the Mini Collection can look beautiful on top of windowsills  as well as on top of any mantle or table you have around the home, and they’re easy to move around! This is the best idea for anyone living in a small flat where space is not in abundance but who still needs some plants in their day to day.


We hope you liked our ideas!

How do you use olive trees to decorate your home?

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