Olive trees as garden decoration are not a new thing in the Mediterranean, as they have been for thousands of years. But who wouldn't want to bring a bit of the warm Mediterranean Sea into their home?

Some of these options are very handy if you do not have a garden or if you want to add some plants to your interior. This will give your interior a warm and cosy feel, making you feel at ease in your own home.

  • Idea 1

Decorating empty spaces such as the area around the stairs can be a great way to add something to those areas that are difficult to fill with other objects. A beautiful olive tree like our Olea Europaea Copa will be absolutely great in any room!


  • Idea 2

Another decoration idea is to use a slightly larger olive tree with a thin frame to decorate larger spaces, such as certain corners of the house, as shown above. An ornamental pot is needed to display these beautiful plants. We recommend our Olea Europaea Basico because it is bigger than the Copa but does not have a wide circumference.


  • Idea 3

Last but not least, smaller olive trees like the Mini Collection look beautiful on windowsills and on any mantle or table you have in the house, and they are easy to move! This is the best idea for anyone who lives in a small flat with not much space, but still needs some plants every day.

We hope you like our ideas!

How do you use olive trees to decorate your home?

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