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Chamaerops Humilis Cerifera2

Palm trees

Chamaerops Humilis Cerifera

The Chamaerops humilis Cerifera is known as the most cold-resistant palm species and is therefore very popular in Europe. It is a variable species, which usually grows in multiple trunks.

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T-50 lt.

Product description

Chamaerops Humilis Cerifera originates from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and grows at altitudes up to 1700 m where it can get very cold during the winter, but it also survives periods of extreme drought. The Cerifera is one of the most cold-tolerant palm species, withstanding severe frosts, and is very popular in Europe. Prefers full sun in a well drained site, but seems to adapt well to shade and moist sites where the soil is not prone to waterlogging. An excellent palm to grow in a container where it can survive drought, heat, wind, cold and long periods of neglect. Like its cousin, it is a variable species prone to clumping. However, it sometimes occurs singly, up to about 3 m high. Small, hand-shaped leaves, up to about 50 cm in diameter, at the end of a heavily-spined petiole.

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