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washingtonia robusta

Palm trees

Washingtonia Robusta

The Washingtonia Robusta, also known as the Mexican fan palm, is a palm tree which prefers a spot of plenty of sunlight. The palm is therefore less suitable for indoors. Make sure that the soil in which the plant is planted remains properly moist.

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Washingtonia robusta is known as a very fast-growing palm tree that adapts very well to any type of soil and recovers quickly from any shock or transplant. The leaves are an intense green and the leaf stalks are reddish-brown in colour and very hardy. The Washingtonia can tolerate temperatures down to -6ºC. The Washingtonia robusta originates from north-western Mexico. In cultivation it is one of the most widely planted palms in the world and, although not native to California, the tall silhouette of the cloud-forming palm is a famous icon for Southern California.

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