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Trachycarpus Fortunei

Trachycarpus Fortunei is one of the strongest palms in our range. This type of palm, which originates from China, is very attractive because it survives the winter and summer seasons perfectly. We have it in sizes starting at a height of 20 cm.

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Height Litres
Max 20 cm 25 L
20/30 cm 45 L
30/40 cm 55 L
40/50 cm 55 L
50/60 cm 70 L
60/70 cm 70 L
70/80 cm 70 L
80/100 cm 70 L
100/120 cm 70 L
120/140 cm 70 L
140/160 cm 90 L
160/180 cm 90 L
180/200 cm 90 L
200/220 cm 90 L
220/240 cm 90 L
240/260 cm 90 L
260/280 cm 90 L
280/300 cm 130/160 L
300/320 cm 130/160 L
320/340 cm 130/160 L
340/360 cm 160 L
360/380 cm 160 L
380/400 cm 160 L
400/420 cm 160 L
DOBLE 40/50 cm a 160/180 cm 110 L
TRIPLE 100/120 cm A 180/200 CM 110 L

Product description

Trachycarpus fortunei grows 12-20 m tall on a single stem with a diameter of up to 15-30 centimetres. The trunk is very rough with the persistent leaves clinging to it like layers of coarse fibrous material. Its tolerance for cool summers and cold winters makes it much appreciated by palm lovers, landscapers and gardeners. It is successfully grown in cool climates such as the UK, France, Belgium, Holland and southern Germany. In North America, mature specimens can be found in the coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest, the upper southern states and the Mid-Atlantic states.

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