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Citrus Reticulata - Mandarin tree

The Citrus Reticulata is a perennial small mandarin tree. Its fruit is the mandarin, which is edible and very fragrant. It can grow up to 5 metres high, with a curved or crooked trunk and no thorns. The leaves are 4-8 cm long, leathery and dark green in colour with short petioles. The flower of Citrus Reticulata is the azahar, which is small and white.

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Circumference Height Pot
SC 140-160 cm M-17 lt.
SC 140-160 cm M-40 lt.
30-40 cm 160-180 cm M-90 lt.
40-50 cm 160-180 cm M-110 lt.

Product description

The mandarin tree originates from Spain and is a beautiful addition to your garden. The tree has a wonderfully fragrant blossom and produces edible fruit. The blazon is dark green, aromatic and lanceolate. The tree is hardy and should be kept in a frost-free place during the winter.

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