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Citrus Sinensis - Orange tree

Are you looking for a high-quality Mediterranean orange tree? Then discover the Citrus Sinensis - Orange tree. The tree can grow up to 5 metres long and produces edible fruits.

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Circumference Height Pot
SC 140-160 cm M-17 lt.
SC 140-160 cm M-40 lt.
40-50 cm 160-170 cm M-130 lt.

Product description

Citrus Sinensis is a medium-sized pear tree whose fruit is the orange, which is edible and very fragrant. It can grow up to 5 m high with a very rounded crown. The leaves are 7-10 cm long, leathery and shiny intense green in colour, with a rounded base. The flower of the orange tree is the orange blossom ('azahar'), which is the same as that of lemon trees, albeit pure white in colour. The Citrus Sinensis is one of the most widely used fruit trees for ornamental purposes, especially in the Mediterranean, where it has been appreciated since time immemorial for its fragrance and beauty.

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